Youths are the assets and hope of a nation. The future of the nation depends on its youth. They can play a very constructive role in progress, upliftment, and development of a nation. The youth are more important today as the modern era is becoming fast-paced, complex and complicated.


The invention of computers and modern technology has brought a revolution in the field of information. Modern educated youth can help in nation’s development by attending to the troubles and shortcomings in the various sectors. They can help the villagers shed their shackles of ignorance, illiteracy and false notion by acquainting them with true facts. New scientific techniques can help in raising the yield of crops.


The problem of unemployment or underemployment can be overcome by establishing small-scale industries. They can guide the rural youth about the cheap raw material and profitable disposal of finished goods. The youth can help in checking population growth by adopting family planning and presenting living examples to others. They can play a vital role in making India a great democratic, progressive and prosperous country steeped in old cultural values but equipped with modern scientific outlook. Last but not the least they can play a vital role in transforming the moral foundation of society by curbing the vices of selfishness and greed and imbibing the spirit of self-sacrifice, sympathy and mutual confidence.



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