The UP government will feed the poor, the laborers, the rickshaw drivers, the low salary earners, at the rate of Rs 3 for the breakfast and the lunch for 5 rupees. The draft of this scheme, which started in the name of Annapurna Restaurant, has been prepared. It will be started in Public Private Partnership (PPP) in all the 14 Municipal Corporations of the state.

Yogi will give breakfast for 3 rupees and lunch for 5 rupees

Under this, 20 will be opened in Ghaziabad, 28 in Lucknow, 28 in Kanpur and 18 canteen pilots in Gorakhpur. The total cost of the opening of 275 canteen will be Rs. 153.59 crores. If someone does breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this canteen then his pocket will cost 13 rupees, while the cost will be Rs 48. The remaining 35 rupees will be paid by the government and the canteen running together.

Breakfast under this scheme

Salted porridge and tea; Gram and tea; Two Kachody / Crispy / Samosa, Chutney and Tea; Two idlis, sambar and tea; Closed butter, two bread powders and tea; one from Poha and Tea.

Lunch under this scheme

6 roti, seasonal vegetable or tur dal-rice with onions/pickles and green chilies or veg biryani in lunch and dinner.

Prepaid tokens or plastic cards will be issued to the beneficiary. The plastic card will be connected to the base. Prepaid Token will be valid from 1 to 7 days. The cards will be recharged. The card or token will be valid in any Annapoorna Canteen of the city.


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