If you ever saw the movie ‘UP‘, you sure wanted to have the device that used to translate what all the dogs said to the human language, and we bring you good news because this could become a reality.

dog language translator

The futurologist William Higman predicted in a study to Amazon these translators for pets are becoming closer to reality than you think. “Innovative products that are successful are based on large and real needs of the consumer The amount of money that today is spent on pets. – For some are like babies pampered people – means there is a huge demand for something. And someday someone will join the demand with the offer. ”

In addition, Higman referred to the work he did with Slobodchikoff, a professor in the department of biological sciences at Northern Arizona University, who studied for more than 30 years the behavior of rodents known as prairie dogs and claims to possess “a sophisticated system of Communication that has all aspects of language. ”

For this reason, the researcher says that in less than 10 years, it is possible to create a device that acts as a translator of dogs’ language. This tool could also be applied to cats although in this case, it was not very safe. “With the cats, I’m not sure they have something to say.A lot of times could be so lonely ‘eh, fool, feed me and leave me in peace'”.


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