A scary true story of a gang rape published by well-known dubbing artiste Bhagyalekshmi on her Facebook page has gone viral, making the chief minister’s office get involved and assurance of action.

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As outlined by Bhagyalekshmi, a lady from Thrissur, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet, together with her husband arrived at her home here three weeks ago seeking to talk with her about the rape. The horrifying incident said to have occurred two years ago and engaged four men including a local politician, all of whom were her husband’s friends.

Initially, the woman was too depressed to file a police complaint and when she did after about three months, the police made things even worse. ‘‘Answering the questions of the police was a psychological rape for me. Maybe they tortured me mentally because they knew that I had no evidence. It was good that Nirbhaya, Jisha and Soumya passed away otherwise they would’ve tortured them like the Suryanelli girl was with unsuitable questions for the last 16 years,” Bhagyalekshmi quotes the woman in her FB post.

The office of chief minister replied to the posting and sought more details from Bhagyalekshmi.

Prabha Varma, the special secretary to chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, stated that the matter will be taken up seriously.


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