The movie ‘Begum Jan’ on the backdrop of India’s partition has been banned in Pakistan. According to Mahesh Bhatt, he wishes that the censor board of the neighboring country once watched a film and then took a decision.

Without seeing Pakistan has banned 'Begum Jaan'

Mahesh Bhatt told IANS on social media, “I do not see Pakistan as a market to sell my belongings, when some of my closest associates made fun of me when their censor board did not see ‘Begum Jan’. I felt bad that they once decided to watch my movie and then not show it in Pakistan. ”

He said, “I told someone on the censor board that I would talk to the Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Ministry, which allows import of foreign films because the censor board only sees the movie according to the sensor code. That objection to the import of the film came from his (Ministry) side. ”

This film shows the tragedy of the sex worker during the partition of 1947.

Asked whether Pakistan does not import Indian films made on partition, Pakistan Censor Board (CBFC) Chief Mohabbat Hassan said, “Please ask the distributor. They import films, not the government.”


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