How minimal the English language is when considering to coming up with words for things, which is a little unfair thinking about how many synonyms presently exist for “breasts”.
Of the several slang terms, we have to express lady-lumps, nothing is as non-controversial or popular as the word “boobs”. So where did the word “boobs” originate from?

Why are breasts called boobs or boobies?

There’s an older joke that says the word “Boob” came about due to the fact it behaves as a visual reflection of what a pair of breasts seem like from 3 key viewing angles, above (B), the front (oo) and the side (b) respectively. Obviously, this is just a joyful accident, as an alternative to a serious origin story.

in accordance to the Oxford English Dictionary, the very first written instance of the word “boob” being used to particularly explain breasts comes from the 1934 novel, Tropic of Cancer: “She was lying on the divan with her boobies in her hands.”

The writer of that masterpiece, Henry Miller, is also usually acknowledged with the first recorded use of the slight modification, “boobs”.


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