Despite what many believe, the light bulb was not invented by Thomas Alva Edison. While it is true that Edison presented on October 21, 1879 a practical and viable light, which shone for 48 hours uninterrupted, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, a British, is the real inventor of the light bulb.

What Edison did was to take the Swan’s invention (which had not yet been patented), in which oxygen entered and the filaments burned down, and worked until it reached a type of material with which the filament did not He was burned and then patented it, making believe the whole world that the original invention was his. It is not surprising that everyone thinks Edison, the most prolific inventor in history, who has 1,903 patents (a record that no one has overcome) invented the incandescent light or bulb.

After patenting and publicizing the electric bulb, Edison was dedicated to perfecting it and also manufacturing the dynamo to generate the direct electrical current needed to light the bulb. That is to say that his contribution to this invention is almost as great as the idea itself.

Using the story of the light bulb we met several scientists and inventors who took great steps, like Swan and Edison himself . Another of the first to patent a kind of bulb was Humphry Davy on January 27, 1880. Several were the inventors who developed models that worked in laboratories: Nicola Tesla, Henry Woodward, Mathew Evans, James Bowman Lindsay and William Sawyer ; They with their ideas gave great contributions to the bulb.

The light bulb is one of the most used inventions for man since its creation to date. According to a ranking of Life magazine, it is the second most useful inventions of the nineteenth century. The marketing of the bulb by the company of Thomas A. Edison was plagued with patent disputes with its competitors.

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