This is a story of Another Indian who was deeply in love with his friend. Like most of us Indian guys half a bottle of whisky and few drunk friends proved him to an extent when he decided he will propose the girl he loved. This Another Indian took his phone and texted the girl :
ANOTHER INDIAN : Listen, I want to tell you something.
GIRL : Han bolo!
ANOTHER INDIAN : I wanted to tell you this since forever but i couldn’t ….. see i love and i always have loved you …. i know u have always thought of me as a friend but it has never been the same for me. I will love you forever and will never let you down.
GIRL : But im already down !
GIRL : HAHAHA … Just kidding bro ! mazak mat kara kar … tujhpe suit nahi kara !
When you propose to someone and the other person chucks it with a lame joke, Believe me that is going to be the longest night of your life !
So, turning back to his friends Another Indian found a way out of the never ending embarrassment and said,”Chalo aur daru pilata hu”. These so called friends have always been waiting for such a moment when you are heart broken and ready to anything do anything to get out of it. So this Another Indian takes the guys to a club and hands then his credit card over and alcohol started coming in. This guy tells me that after that it was a complete blackout and ha wakes up at his brother’s hostel half naked.
Next day a mobile message gives him the longest hangover of his life. A message from the credit card company of 35000 bucks being spent last night !
This is how you loose the girl you love and one month’s salary in just one night.
Just Another day in Another Indian’s Life !

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All the stories and Accounts that i have blogged about are real life events which I have came across till now.


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