ramayana mahabharata

In order to avoid war and resulting loss of man and material, Rama asked Ravana, “O king of Asuras, return me my legally wedded wife, and there will be no war”. Ravana replied, “Not even at the cost of everything. No force can stop me from doing what I want. I will never, come what may”.

For the same reasons as those of Rama, Krishna went to the palace of Duryodhan and asked for just five villages for Pandavas instead of half of the Kingdom. Duryodhan replied, “Forget five villages, I won’t give land as much as amounting to the tip of a needle, come what may

Both Ravan and Duryodhan met a dreadful end. Our current generation who use phrases like “No Force can do it…..” “At any cost…”, “Come what may..” should read the scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. May they escape the fate of Ravana and Duryodhana.

Ego Hurts

Source : Bharat the untold story


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