They promise to fulfill every woman’s dream: to eat everything without gaining weight.

 weight loss supplement

We would like the miracle product to exist that would allow us to eat whatever we wanted and not to raise a kilo or even lose weight. Unfortunately, that magical slimming does not yet exist. But there are thousands of brands that try to sell their products with the false promise that unicorns are real and that you can eat 20 donuts and still lose 10 kilos in a month. The reality we all know:  the only valid recipe is healthy diet + exercise

Yes, it’s hard to understand but there are people who still believe in marketing used to sell the impossible, that’s why we tell you the most common lies that lie behind weight loss supplements:

You lose weight without stopping eating what you like

That simple promise should make you doubt. We all like to eat ice cream, donuts, chips, and pizza. Unfortunately, to lose weight we must eat healthily and that does not include a big mac, but foods that we all know, such as fruits and vegetables.

You will lose 10 kilos in 10 days

15 kilos in a month. It is true that nothing is impossible … except this. And if you do, obviously not at all healthy because it is recommended by nutritionists is to lose a kilo per week approx. What we need is to lose fat, and most of these pills cause us to lose excess water, so we lower the number on the balance. Time and patience.

Now you know, there are certain statements about weight loss supplements that you should NEVER believe.



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