Delhi has become most polluted mega-city in the world. India being the developing country is trying it’s best on its part to bring down the pollution levels. However, to supplement the ongoing developments the following also needs to be considered to bring down the pollution levels:

What do you need to live in Delhi – A house with electrical power, a vehicle to go to an office, water to drink and for other domestic activities. And you could possibly also need a lot more resources but let’s focus on these first as these are typically the major polluters.

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution In Delhi and NCR in Only 15 Days

Listed below are simple ways you can follow to reduce pollution in Delhi:

Reduce the usage of Electricity

Air pollution from Air conditioned

Our household electricity requires has been elevated several folds in a couple of years we need to try to reduce it. A straightforward solution for this is to install rooftop solar panels and geysers.

Reduce the usage of Vehicles


this is the key polluter of the City. We have automobiles personal as well as commercial. There are two options for this: minimize the use and start using public commute as much as you can.

Water Harvesting

Road Water Harvesting

Water arriving at your house may come from water pumps placed 2-50 kilometers away. Think about the expense of water transportation. Solution to this is only – rainwater harvesting and road water harvesting.

Ban of Plastic Specially Disposable crockery

Pollution due to plastic in Dehli

Until unless it gets banned fully, folks will get a chance to buy it, throw it, burn it and bury it.

New Villages

Villages near Delhi

We need villages near Delhi, instead of actual villages which should have low inhabitants density and big land areas. This will assist you to get milk and vegetables nearby. And as a result, it will take out the dependency on big vegetable markets and its transportation cost.


8 Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution In Delhi and NCR in Only 15 Days

Growing the forest cover within the Delhi and outside the Delhi.

Minimize Dust Particles or Dhool

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution In Delhi and NCR in Only 15 Days

Besides gaseous pollution, the reason to be concerned is also PM-2.5, dust particles below 2.5 microns . DHOOL in Hindi, which is being produced from the avoidable demolition of not so old houses by the builder lobby to make them stilt plus 4 stories houses for more profit.


8 Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution In Delhi and NCR in Only 15 Days

In each and every lane in Delhi, the balconies of first or second-floor build outside the actual construction area usually above the road, these type of construction block sunlight and clean air which is an essential requirement to lead the healthy life.

New Cleaning System

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Pollution In Delhi and NCR in Only 15 Days

And finally, Delhi must have a new cleaning system for roads and public places. That is Vacuum cleaning by machines instead of manual brooming which just helps make the surface look cleaner but makes the environment more polluted and the dust remains in here forever.

So these are our ideas and we are sure that if most of the Delhiites follow few or all the ways, the pollution in Delhi will be reduced in remarkable extent. There is much to learn and write. We need to be more aware of our ecosystem.


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