A brief time after eight in the morning Mark Sinclair, all the more prevalently known as Vin Diesel, ventured out of Kalina airplane terminal in Mumbai in the wake of finishing his conventions. Furthermore, what charmingly astonished xXx: The Return of Xander Cage star was the melodic welcome that was holding up to welcome his landing.

Very nearly twelve of young ladies wearing customary sarees with yellow turbans on their heads and the sacred thali in their grasp grinned at Diesel as he ventured out holding his xXx co-star Deepika Padukone’s hand for the required photograph operations. On his part, Diesel recognized everyone with a wide grin and wave of his hand. xXx executive DJ Caruso was likewise with them.

The young ladies then continued to apply “tilak” on Diesel’s brow, which is the Indian method for welcome a visitor. Diesel then postured for photographs before vanishing once again into the airplane terminal from where he took the VIP exit and drove straight to St. Regis lodging where he is staying put.


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