In this village, the Prime Minister feed the goats and the President gives water to the fieldsThere is an interesting story behind this kind of strange names in Ramnagar, which falls in Rajasthan’s Bundi district.

In this village, the prime minister grabs the goats and the President is seen giving water to the fields. If the governor plays the skull, then the collector is confronted with a broken gun. This unique village named Ramnagar is located in the Bundi district of Rajasthan.

Ramanagar makes the population of the unique Kanjar community, which puts names of his children in the name of government posts, institutions and celebrities. These people are not much educated but they complete all the work while giving names to the children.

The story behind this strange custom is not even unique. It is said that almost 50 years ago the district collector came to inspect the village. An elderly woman from the village was so impressed by her rhetoric that she was calling her granddaughter only by the collector’s name. What was there! Since then, these people have made the tradition of giving such names to their children. It is, however, another 50 years of collector who never went to school.

Like Ramnagar, children are given strange names even in Nainwa, another village in Bundi. The only difference is that people here are convinced of advanced techniques rather than administration. People living in the Mongia and Banjara communities have named their children on mobile brands and accessories. This is the reason that the swirling of the SIM card with trees and mis-call can often be seen breaking hands in the hands.


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