Ustad Bismillah Khan was a great figure of India, if we know any saint musician, then he is Bismillah Khan Sahab.

A great musician like him was never born before and never will be. By listening to his music for the first time, I became crazy. I did not know that music could be so good too.

In the year 1947 on the eve of country’s independence, when India’s tricolor was flowing on the Red Fort, the clarinet of Bismillah Khan was also sharing a message of independence. Since then, the clarinet of Bismillah Khan became a custom after the Prime Minister’s speech on August 15, almost every year.

His music was the art of decanting, it was sweetness that is heard in very few people’s music. Anything I would say about him would be very less because he was such a person who never believed in the show.

He always used to show goodness to everyone. He used to respect All India Radio very much and always said that whatever I am today is due to All India Radio. He was such angels who are not born again and again on earth, and leave their indelible impression when they are born.

He went on saying goodbye to this world by showing us direction, but he can never separate from us. His music will always be with us. Many artists are walking on the route shown by him. He gave a new identity to the Shehnai.  It was his dedication to the hard work and the Shehnai that today the Shehnai is being heard and appreciated not only in India but throughout the world.

On the eleventh death anniversary of Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahab, the Another Indian team offers emotional tribute while remembering him.


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