After the chemical attack in Syria, the tough military action of the US has increased the tension so much that the third World War has started to strike.

US missile attack in Syria is the beginning of Third World War?

The alarm is that the price of crude oil has increased after the US missile attacks, and the stock market in the world is seeing a decline. The spark in Syria does not translate into a world of war, and therefore the World leaders have urged President Putin to stop the tension.

Indeed, Russian President Putin, the staunch supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has decided to strengthen the air-defense of this Middle East its ally, after US air strikes on Syria’s airbase. This has raised the apprehension that the ongoing tension in Syria could be a cause of cross-war between Russia and the West.

The US has blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attack, while the Syrian army is telling the rebels responsible for it. After more than 100 people were killed in the chemical attack, US President Donald Trump issued a strong statement on Tuesday saying that Assad has crossed the Lakshman cross line and ‘something should be done’. After a few hours of this statement of the trump, the US Army on Thursday doused more than 50 Tomahawk missiles on Syria’s Al-Shayrat Airbase. The airbase has suffered a lot in the missile attack. Russian President Putin has been provoked by this action in America. About half an hour before the attack, the US informed Russia about the missile attacks in Syria.

Soon after the American attack on Al-Shayrat Airways, Russia diversified its warlike fleet, Admiral Grigorovich, with the Black Sea. Admiral Gregorovich arrived in Syria on Friday. This warrior fleet is equipped with cruise missiles and self-defense systems.

After the US missile attacks, Russian and Syrian fighter aircraft carried out tremendous air raids in the town of Khan Shaikhs, occupying the rebels. Meanwhile, world leaders have urged Russia not to stir even more tension. On Friday morning, France and Germany’s Foreign Ministers said that we do not want tension and fury.

Syria has been gripped by civil war for more than six years. The countries of the world are clearly divided into two camps for President Bashar al-Assad. On Assad, the opponents and the rebels have been accused of strict repression. Asad is like the eyeball of America’s eyes, so are the special for Russia. Apart from Russia, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Algeria, Venezuela, Lebanon and Belarus are considered to be supporters of Asad. On the other hand, other countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar are considered to be the stubborn opponents of Assad. This is the reason that if the tension increases, Syria’s fight can take a broader form and Syria can become the third world war zone



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