The US has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan till late Thursday night. This bomb called MOAB is called ‘Mother of All Bombes’. These bombs have claimed to have fallen on the ISIS terrorists, but it is not clear how much damage has happened to the terrorists. According to preliminary information, 22 ISIS fighters from Kerala have probably been killed in this attack. This bomb has been used for the first time on the field and Donald Trump is telling it the new foreign policy of dealing with terror.

The US drops 'Mother of all the bombs' on Afghanistan, 5 things to know

There was a lot of information about MOAB and yesterday’s attack:

1. Where is it used?

These bombs were dropped at Tunnel Complex in Achine of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. Tunnel Complex means the caves in which Afghan terrorists hide to escape from American Air Force. At present, it is not known how many terrorists have been killed in the attack. But considering the potential impact on the innocent, it is being criticized from many sides in the world.

2. What was the bomb?

The full name of the bomb is ‘GBU43 / B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB)’. When this was made, some people from MOAB took the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ and then it got its ‘Nick Name’. This is the world’s largest conventional bomb. Conventional ideas in which nucleus exposure is not used. This bomb contains more than 8 tons of military grade ammunition.

3. How different is it from others?

The most unsurpassed thing of this bomb is its size. Weight is about 10 tons. To take a bomb, they take him to a cargo plane. The area where the bomb is to be dropped, the door of the cargo of the plane is opened and then the bomb slips down. These bombs explode in the air above some of the ground. This creates a shock wave in the air, which can cause damage by going too far. It has tremendous effect in the radius of at least one and a half kilometers.

4. Bush made, Trump used it

MOAB began in the time of George Bush. The price of this program was more than 110 crores. Its first test in 2003 was in Florida. Discovery channels and National Geography have also created programs on MOAB . At the moment it is not clear whether Trump allowed its use or not. Trump just said that I have given authority to my army. Trump called the use of MOAB as a ‘successful mission’

5. Why did they need to use?

The entire area of Afghanistan is not under the control of the government. For this, constant fighting is being carried out by militant groups. There is a fight in Nangarhar too. The Afghan army was facing a lot of difficulties in Achaine because the ISIS terrorists were under attack by the ceasefire. That is why the Afghan army came back and asked to strike an air attack from America. Afghanistan does not have its own Air Force. That’s why Afganistan relies on American help for air strikes.

Here’s the footage of MOAB’s first test:

People are unhappy too

Both the US military and the Afghan government say that the assault took place at the behest of the Afghan army and the Afghan government was confident. But many people in Afghanistan are unhappy about this They say that the US is using Afghanistan as a trial ground for its weapons.


The United States has never had any shortage of the weapons. He is also at the forefront in creating new weapons. But he has always used it against such enemies who were not of his level anywhere. The first atom bomb was dropped on Japan when the fight was almost lost. Now the world’s largest bomb has been dropped on the terrorists in the cave hidden in Afghanistan. This is a successful move from the US. He has discovered a way to harm a very large area without using a nuclear bomb. But the use of a new and big bomb in a country that has been hammered by a bombardment will remain disputed.


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