Manmohan Vaidya

Sending a strict message right after comments made by an RSS functionary over the reservation, Union Minister Ramdas Athawale on Saturday stated the govt will fall if quotas go, even as he stated that the government does not keep any such perspective. He said the BJP and the RSS should sit jointly and resolve challenges as such statements “embarrass” the government.

“The statement shows the feudal mindset of the RSS. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will certainly not permit any kind disfavor to Dalits and nor does the government maintain any such view conveyed by the RSS. He is bound to protect the constitution,” he said.
“But if that happens (reservations go) then the government will collapse,” Athawale mentioned.

Republican Party of India (RPI) headed by Athawale is an NDA ally. RSS’s publicity chief Manmohan Vaidya had recently kicked up a row with comments favoring an evaluation of the reservation policy, stating even the builder of the Constitution B R Ambedkar had not favored its continuance in perpetuity.

“Reservations for SC/ST was introduced in a different context. It was provided for in the Constitution to remedy the historical injustice done to them. It was our responsibility.


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