It’s no news to anybody that doing work in a dull, empty office is unproductive. A cozy workplace with a nice design, suitable lighting, and concern about ergonomics is an effective way to enhance well-being and, consequently, efficiency.

Still, many organizations are hesitant to remodel the environment. Some are insecure of dropping their identity, others worry shedding control of their original project and most are restricted by excessive costs.

Companies that are significantly dedicated to the development related with wellness invest in their office design and style. Some go a step (or many steps) further and convert themselves into a dreamland for creativeness, advancement, and positivity.

These companies are a good example of that. Their offices are so awesome that by on their own attract younger and brilliant employees.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Selgas Cano Architecture Office
Architect Iwan Baan amazes us with this excellent task in the Spanish woods just outside Madrid.

Half of the office is excavated into the ground, so even while in hot Spanish summers, the office is continuing to cool inside. The long windowpane that runs on the side of the workplace makes unnatural lighting unnecessary throughout the day.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office
Can you picture yourself working in a sustainable office surrounded by the woods?

Since the office is submerged into the ground, added the lengthy window, workers have an eye-level view of the forest. They often are even amazed by the visit of small and not so small animals.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office
There is no need for artificial lightning most of the day.


Dropbox Office
The Dropbox people have shifted into an overwhelming office space in San Francisco.

Dropbox has designed this exclusive atmosphere for their workers. Their objective is to make simpler the way individuals create and collaborate.

amazing dropbox office design
The office space offers a versatile environment for the fast-growing team.
Dropbox Office Design
The project was created in cooperation between Geremia Design and Boor Bridges Architecture.
A local designer was called to make all of the desks and a sign painting company for the signage above and around the conference rooms

Urban Outfitters

Amazing office Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters desired to carry their entire employees into one location.
Even though it appears to be and sounds romantic to work in an old building, a lot of restoration was needed.

Urban Outfitters main office was designed within a decayed navy shipyard in Philadelphia. They had it bring their whole crew into one office after they were spread out in various locations in Philly. It showcases the company’s lifestyle in every aspect.

All these amazing workspaces have obtained a lot from interior planning. An architect doing work in the design of business environments will be concerned about problems that are quickly neglected without such help, like lighting, layout organization and the best selection of furniture.

In fact, an architect or interior designer will interact with each other, add and support in finding the suitable atmosphere for the place. They are wonderful partners as their work goes beyond making a beautiful and comfortable office space considering that their work plays a role a lot to enhancing the efficiency of the workforce.

Have you ever been to a workplace that impressed you? Share your opinions with us via our Facebook page or in the comments below.


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