At a time when smartphones have taken an indispensable place in everyone’s life, it is always worth remembering that they can be dangerous if they are abused.

This is what Kristian Jones tries to do , a self-taught artist living in Birmingham, England. Kristian work tries to portray the evolution of our relationship with new technologies in the world today.

Inspired by vintage sketches of children and families models, it incorporates in his drawings the ubiquitous smartphone that mesmerizes all the protagonists . Whether it’s family, friends, whatever the circumstance, the smartphone is everywhere!

According to Kristian, the smartphone usage takes the children into virtual realities, inevitably cutting all imagination and creativity among them . For everything is already before our eyes: then why solicit the mind to dream and imagine?

Sometimes troubling, sometimes funny, the illustrations of Kristian Jones do not leave indifferent since the trend of smartphones is familiar for everyone.

Discover 13 illustrations that ironically address the ubiquity of the smartphone in our lives:

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If you enjoyed the drawings Kristian Jones, we suggest you go for a ride on her official blog and also the page on the website of the collective of illustrators “Brothers of the stripe” which she belongs.


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