Two dead, 28 injured in jallikattu, one dead in Madurai protests

Two individuals were killed and 28 suffered minor injuries while in Jallikattu in Pudukottai district Sunday, although a man died due to dehydration in Madurai in the course of demonstrations demanding a ‘permanent solution’ for keeping the sport, police said.

The persons injured during the event in Pudukottai district, where scores of folks and various bulls took part, were released after giving first-aid, they said.

With an ordinance being promulgated for holding Jallikattu, the sport was organised in a number of parts of the state, which includes Rapoosal in Pudukottai district.

Two dead, 28 injured in jallikattu, one dead in Madurai protests

Police stated two persons were killed when they were gored by a bull during Jallikattu at Rapoosal in which various bulls were used and many sportsmen took part.

At the same time, 48-year-old Chandramohan, from Jaihindpuram, passed away due to dehydration in Madurai city when he was participating in the protests together with students and youths demanding a lasting solution for holding Jallikattu, police said.

At Tirunelveli, some students, including girls, fainted at a protest venue following which they were given medical treatment, police said.


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