Mumbai’s special TADA court convicted six people including Chief Mastermind Mustafa Dosa and extradition gangster Abu Salem, after 24 years in connection with 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts. In these blasts, 257 people were killed. After the court verdict, the Aam Aadmi Party’s Rajasthan in-charge Kumar Vishwas tweeted after which everyone is praising him.

1993 Mumbai blast: Tweet of Kumar Vishwas on Salem's sentence

The Special Court of Tada has found the case under the charge of all the seven accused including criminal conspiracy, war against the Indian government and several charges including murder. In the first phase of the trial in 2007, the TADA court had convicted 100 people in this case and 23 people were acquitted.

Special Judge G.Annap convicted Riyaz Siddiqui, besides all other five convicts under the various sections of the IPC, besides criminal offenses under the TADA, Explosive Act, Explosive Material Act, Weapon Prevention and Public Property Violence Prevention Act, convicted of criminal conspiracy . Riyaz Siddiqui was found guilty only under TADA for helping to bring weapons of Abu Salem and others. However, the court freed the seven accused from the charge of waging war against the country in this matter.

After the court verdict, Kumar Vishwas tweeted

भारत पर जो हमला करते नापाकी हथियार से, ऐसे कुत्ते लाकर टांगो सात समुंदर पार से।

People respond to the tweet of Kumar Vishwas like this:


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