Indian Railways
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Despite several train disasters across the country, the carelessness of the railway administration is not taking a halt. Railway officers neither care about the safety and comfort of the passengers nor the care of their responsibility. Now a case has emerged, which has surprised everyone.

On Tuesday, there was a special train carrying about 2500 farmers from Delhi to Kolhapur in Maharashtra but surprisingly reached Madhya Pradesh. Farmers were sitting on the train to go to Kolhapur in Maharashtra after taking part in the rally organized by farmers on Jantar Mantar, but the train has brought them to Madhya Pradesh.

The train ran in the wrong direction of 160 km, but neither the railway administration knew it nor did the driver see it. When the train reached Banmor station in Madhya Pradesh, the driver sensed that the train was going the wrong route. Thankfully, there was no major accident during this period.


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