Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the tourism industry has a huge potential for generating employment in India, but the one thing that stops it is ‘our mentality’. Modi said that tourism can not grow through government advertisements only, but it needs to be spread by the people. He said that our mentality is such that if we go to some place and find it beautiful, then the first thing we will say that we do not feel that we are in India. Then how can we increase tourism in India?

Narendra Modi

Modi said that if we do not feel proud of our heritage, how can we expect outsiders to do this? Modi said this while addressing about 200 young CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) in the Policy Commission’s ‘Champions of Change’ program. He said that there is a fear of ‘unknown’ element in tourism, but when someone shares the experience related to it, then the fear goes away.

He said that therefore tourism can not be promoted through advertising but through the word of mouth. I think more than the governments, there are people who can promote tourism. Modi said that Indians do not have the nature of encouraging their property and their heritage. They said, “We have such rich legacy that if we present it with the world, then they will be standing on line.

The Prime Minister said that tourism has immense potential for employment generation and everyone needs to come together to change its nature to encourage and promote Indian heritage.


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