It isn’t easy to be a gentleman. It involves the constant attention of one’s self and understanding of the feelings and perceptions of others. A gentleman is persistent, intelligent, courteous, and ahead of the curve.

Here are our best 40 ideas for the contemporary gentlemen. Designed to enhance your day to day life; from wellness, relationship, manners, to just simply feeling.

40 tips for modern gentleman

  1. When out socially, make a conscious effort to avoid looking at your cell phone.
  2. Keep your car vacuumed and free of trash. You never know who you’ll offer to drive home.
  3. Nurture your hobbies.
  4. Good grooming is important.
  5. Be kind to people working in the service industry.
  6. Be generous to your savings account, and frugal with your credit card.
  7. Be aware of your body language.
  8. The people that gossip to you also gossip about you.
  9. Act warmly towards people even if it doesn’t come naturally. It will.
  10. Take the opportunities for fun when they come along.
  11. If ever feeling envious, remember that success is an iceberg.
  12. Consume less alcohol than those around you.
  13. Practice making promises. Practice keeping them. You are now dependable.
  14. Eat more green things.
  15. Throw out the socks with holes.
  16. Don’t dwell.
  17. Use less product than the bottle says.
  18. Keep exes off of your contact list and Facebook.
  19. A man’s scent is an important calling card.
  20. Manscaping doesn’t just occur below the belt.
  21. Take a multi-vitamin.
  22. Always be aware of your posture.
  23. Spend more money on less things. Quality is always the better choice.
  24. Become friends with navy. There is more than black, brown, and grey.
  25. When giving compliments, always pay attention to where the persons’ effort was made, and praise that. Superficial compliments are forgettable. A woman has heard ‘you’re beautiful‘ before.
  26. Always be in control of your anger.
  27. Be generous in small ways. Small gifts or tokens, remembering things that are important to others, reaching out.
  28. Listen more than you speak.
  29. Always be reading a book.
  30. Have important conversations early, before they weigh on you.
  31. Travel more.
  32. If you aren’t their priority don’t keep them as yours.
  33. When people are talking passionately, keep your differing opinion to yourself.
  34. Do things that scare you. Often.
  35. Find something you appreciate in every person you meet.
  36. A gentleman recycles.
  37. Work extra hard for the things you want. Work less hard for the things you need.
  38. Sadness is an emotion that will pass.
  39. Smile more.
  40. Love the person you are, but always strive to improve.


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