With which sport do I burn many calories in a short time? Especially for sports muffles who want to lose weight fast, that is important to know. We have the top 10 sports for you.

Sports that burn the most calorie

These are the top 10 sports that burn the most calories

The ranking is listed by increasing calorie consumption per hour and is calculated as an example for three initial weights.

Note: The numbers are approximate. The actual calorie consumption varies according to age, sex and physical condition – to name but a few of the factors of influence.

High Impact Aerobic

One hour burns 522 (73 kg), 664 (91 kg) and 796 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

Whether dance, step, classical aerobics or Zumba to Latino sounds, your body will be thrilled in such courses. But be sure to have a well-trained trainer. In case of wrong or no instructions you can quickly hurt your body.

In-line skating

One hour burns 548 (73 kg), 683 (91 kg) and 818 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

If we had not thought, but our favorite teen sports has actually made it into the top 10 – provided you give a bit of gas. The Good: Compared to jogging, the harmonious movement processes your joints. This is just great for overweight people. However, a fall at high speed can be dangerous. Therefore, always think of protectors.


An hour play burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) and 872 (109 kg) calories respectively.

Do not worry, contrary to all prejudices, the team sport is not just something for giants. Main thing, you have fun with the movement and bring a little team spirit.Endurance and coordination are then in the best case by themselves.


One hour also burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) and 872 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

Flag Football is a ball game that is very similar to American football. However, it comes without the partly brutal body contact. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. The sport is just as intense for our body as “normal” football.


Again, an hour burns 584 (73 kg), 728 (91 kg) and 872 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

Using the racket to chase the ball and keep your opponent going is not only fun, but also let your body burn calories. Sure, as a newcomer to tennis, it will not be so many at first, but practice makes perfect.

Stairs Rise

One hour burns 657 (73 kg), 819 (91 kg) and 981 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

You know the training principle of Rocky. In order to prepare for a fight and to get in shape, it is called “stairs high”. And not at home, but zack zack. The whole thing can also be integrated well into everyday life.


One hour burns 715 (73 kg), 892 (91 kg) and 1,069 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

Unfortunately, we are not talking about splashing in the fun pool. Sporty lane swimming is a must: the best crawling or butterfly. Breaststroke is a little less strenuous – but it does.


One hour burns 752 (73 kg), 937 (91 kg) and 1,123 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

The Korean martial arts style has it all in itself. In their hand and foot technique, speed and dynamics are the key factors. This is the only way to defeat opponents and win competitions. The sweat flows, the mucus grow and the pounds dry.

Jogging fast

An hour at about 13 km / hr burns 861 (73 kg), 1,074 (91 kg) and 1,286 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

In addition, Laufen has many advantages: it can be done at any time – almost everywhere. Regular heart training improves your heart activity, nutrient transport and your lung volume. Muscles are strengthened, stress is reduced.

Rope Skipping

One hour also burns 861 (73 kg), 1.074 (91 kg) and 1,286 (109 kg) calories, respectively.

The training is, of course, no comparison to jumping in the schoolyard, but can still be a lot of fun. The main thing is that you jump not only stubbornly in front of you, but in a variety of ways: with jumps, right and left, waving as in the case of ski gymnastics, raise knees – the choice is great.


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