It’s called Amabrush . It looks like a mix between adult pacifier and butt, but it really is a motorized toothbrush. What sets it apart from others? The bristles surround all the teeth at the same time, on its outer and inner face, so the brush promises, in 10 seconds, to achieve the same degree of cleaning as a conventional brush.

The motorized toothbrush Amabrush.
The motorized toothbrush Amabrush.

Or at least the one that most people apply on their teeth (one minute, more or less) when the session recommended by the dentists is five minutes .

This brush requires a special, more liquid toothpaste so that the system can distribute it between the bristles that work in unison throughout the mouth. And it could be useful in emergency situations (get some dental hygiene before a meeting) rather than systematically, at least until proven useful as a quick replacement of the traditional brush ( and dental floss ).

For now, it is a project of collective financing in Kickstarter, that sought to obtain 50,000 euros of pre-sales and already adds almost 350,000 euros. The distribution of the brushes will begin at the end of the year.


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