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Today when I was standing in a Que before an ATM one person asked if it is possible to drop the unaccounted money in temple hundi and strike a deal with the priest. As the temple money is not accountable, is it possible? If yes then can government do something to avoid this?

I said, Whenever a temple has “Hundi” you cannot just like that, open it anytime. Based on the size of Hundi, appropriate officers need to be present while opening the same. So, when a hundi is too huge to drop all black money, it is not only the priest you should strike a deal. There are a lot more people involved.

Further when you drop your old currency notes in the Hundi, even when you strike a deal, while opening you’ll get only the old currency notes.

Let’s assume if is goes to temple’s bank account and comes back – then right from that moment, it is not black anymore since it once went into the system. It should always be accounted. So, this idea is not good as it seems.

Public Hindu temples are controlled by government and money goes to endowment department of state governments. Private Hindu trusts have to show their income and file returns as a trust.



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