Albinen, a small Swiss townIf you like the green valleys, the pure mountain air, and breathtaking views, then Albinen, a small Swiss town in the canton of Valais, might be the right place for you. If you are not convinced yet, just think that you would even be paid for transferring.

On November 30th, the 248 inhabitants will vote on the new proposal of the city council to offer a cash grant – 25,000 francs per adult and 10,000 for each child – to those who decide to build a home in Albinen. An unquestioning figure: for a family of 4 people there are 70,000 francs one-off or 60,000 euros. It could be a tempting solution for families with economic problems.

Albinen, a small Swiss town

The conditions, however, must be respected in the letter. Those who are interested in the proposal must be less than 45 years old and, above all, must ensure that they remain in the small country for at least 10 years. Albinen is located in the canton of Valais, SwitzerlandThe reason is clear: Albinen, like many other towns, is a victim of depopulation. Younger people prefer to live in big cities, using homes as second homes, to be exploited during holidays or holidays. In recent years, three families have left the country and the school, losing eight children, has been forced to close. The remaining seven children now have to take the bus to study in the nearest town, which is about 20 minutes.

For this reason, a group of young people in the country suggested the mayor to ‘open’ to foreigners, and the proposal had first approval with 94 signatures in favor (half of the population).

The Swiss country is not the only one to face a problem of abandonment.with different gimmicks: there is one that offers discounts on retailers’ shops, one that guarantees free public transportation and finally one that has started the free internet network for everyone.

Investor groups are excluded from the initiative: Albinen does not need real estate complexes, but only families who appreciate the beauty of the place and its almost uncontaminated nature. Milletrecento meters of altitude and, to relax, Leukerbab’s spas just six miles away. Albinen’s mayor said he was excited and hoped that the project would go to the port. “It’s an investment for the future of the village,” she says, “and maybe we can also open the school again.”

Watch video, Albinen from above


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