Secrets For Fair and Glowing Skin in Winter

Sustaining a summer glow needs a two-fold strategy with skin care – it’s as often about what you’re adding to your body as it’s what you’re putting onto it. Follow these 7 tips from the wellness, nutrition and beauty professionals to make sure your summer season glow continues completely through to party season.


It is important to re-hydrate with a minimum of two liters of water per day and eat foods naturally rich in water. Take into account using nourishing oils at night time and a rich cream while in the day.

2Feed Your Skin

Foods with skin enhancing nutrients – vitamins, A, C, Omega 3, copper and zinc are all beauty heroes.


Exercise could get neglected while in the winter months – as the temperature falls, so does our inspiration.  Activity is important for circulation and lymphatic drainage which will maintain your skin energized and shiny.


Supplements are a great method to give winter skin a boost – watch out for supplements that consist of a wider variety of vitamins with Echinacea to get skin glowing.


Exfoliate your full body 3 or more times per week – body brushing is a wonderful way to remove the dead skin cells and aid circulation.


Get skin glowing yourself at your home by using these two facial massage methods:

Apply deep, firm pressure with your fingertips – performing in an outward direction from the center to the temples, pressing firmly towards the muscle fibers. Use both of your hands and do the job outwards eight times. Do it again three times once a week.

Run your fingers top to bottom from the center back out to the temple (going top to bottom as in contrast to side to side). Ensure that you use heavy, fast, friction movements to get a nice pink color on your forehead.


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