As the weather turns into colder, we see a rise in hospitalizations because of heart-related conditions.”Because of cold temperatures, smog and pollutants settle on the surface resulting in chest infections & respiration issues. In the winter season, blood pressure increases and coronary arteries shrink ultimately causing the deficiency of blood supply to the body. As sweating doesn’t occur, the additional water becomes gathered in lungs resulting in failing symptoms.” Listed here are a few suggestions to handle your heart this winter season.


Listed here are a few suggestions to handle your heart this winter season

Keep working out

People who have a weak heart must be particularly cautious. Although they should proceed to work out consistently, they must transform their timings, so with regards to avoiding excessive weather.

Reduce salt and water intake

Salt and water consumption needs to be lowered as there is no loss of these in sweating.

Keep a check on your BP

Routinely observe BP and if found high, it needs to be correctly treated.

Avoid infections

Staying away from infections is a different significant part and before the beginning of the season, flu and pneumonia vaccines should be taken so as to avoid chest infections.

If needed, take proper antibiotics

If signs of bacterial infections are noticed, they should be quickly handled with the appropriate use of medications. Don’t miss your prescribed treatment and stick to it even when you are feeling better.

Talk to your doctor, if needed

Any adverse reactions must be reported quickly to your treating doctor.


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