Trump became the TIME Person of the Year, Modi won by bringing 11% more votes in readers' poll

Donald Trump, President-Elect of the US have become TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year . In the next edition of Time Magazine’s cover page, Trump is described as “President of the Divided States of America”.

Hillary Clinton became the second runner-up. Indian Prime Minister had won the online readers’ poll. If Modi wins, become the second Indian to receive this title. Earlier Mahatama Gandhi was chosen as the Time Person of the Year in 1930.

Trump said it is a great honor because He has grown up reading Time.

Had the result already been leaked by Trump ?

Trump had Tweeted from being the Time Person of the Year, long before the results was announced.

My interview will be on TODAY show at 7:30. ”

This raises questions about the Trump that he knew the result. His interview was so fixed and information leaks.

However, when asked about it later, he said it is a modern-day communication. There is nothing wrong in it.


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