Girls are really crazy when it comes to scrolling through Instagram?

Check out what What comes to their minds while scrolling Instagram.

Close up of teenage girl texting on mobile in bedroom

  1. Who is this?
  2. Oh my god, stop with the stupid ads.
  3. Alright, two more minutes on Instagram and then time to work.
  4. Why do people post three pictures in a row?
  5. Aww, this picture is so cute, what’s the caption?
  6. Do people just have photographers following them around?
  7. Am I doing Instagram wrong?
  8. How did he edit this picture?
  9. Oh my god, look how many followers they have
  10. Oh, my god, this dog is literally the cutest person I’ve ever seen.
  11. Why don’t I have a dog?
  12. Should I go buy a dog?
  13. Okay, my friends need to see this guy. Screenshot, oh no wait, wait, this pic is better. Oh no wait, this one, this one, screenshot.
  14. Okay, five more minutes on Instagram, and then time to work.
  15. every time I scroll through Instagram?  I love myself.
  16. How is everyone dressed so nice?
  17. Am I the only sloth on Instagram?
  18. Oh my god, are they still together?
  19. Who is this cute person with my friend?
  20. Oh my god, who is this cute person with my friend’s friend?
  21. Who is this sexy boy with my friend’s friend’s dog?
  22. Okay, five  more minute on Instagram and then time to work.

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