Since independence, till today by 2017, the country has received 15 great Prime Ministers. After 70 years of independence a lot has changed in the country. But no other Prime Minister get the popularity like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Perhaps the reason for this is that PM Modi presents his talk with aggression and sense of commitment. This is the reason why the India’s first political party and the opposition is not able to stand before the BJP today. But do you know that there was an arrow in the quiver of Congress which had the full potential of cutting the ‘Modi wave’. It is a matter of regret that the Congress never specially gave the person a special preference, nor the place in history pages.

His name is P.V. Narasimha Rao. When the country was changing in 1991, all the credit was received by Manmohan Singh. But few people know that Manmohan was a pawn. Rao was the real Master Mind. Rao knew what to do.


For this, he called Morarji Desai’s Chancellor Economist IG Patel to take over the finance ministry. But Patel refused. He said that after roaming around the world, he has now built a house in Baroda. Want to relax This was the time when Moody’s people spoiled India’s rating.

The most interesting of this was that at that time the President of India, Venkataraman himself was an ignomist. He knew what was going on in the country. Rajiv Gandhi did not do anything despite the majority.

VP Singh did not even dare. Rajiv did not allow Chandrasekhar to do it. Then Rajiv was killed. So all the responsibility came on Narasimha Rao.

There have been books on all these things in 2015 and 2016. President Pranab Mukherjee, Makhan Lal Fotedar and Jairam Ramesh have written books. These books mention the events of 1991. But there is no mention of Narasina Rao anywhere in these books. They have never been given the place they should have got. But there is a book that talks about Narasimha Rao. The book was written by Sanjay Baru.

Sanjay Baru blew the Congress’s sleep by writing a book titled The Accidental Prime Minister. At first, Manmohan Singh was called a robot.

After the book, people started saying, “Look, now it is written in books too.” However, in this book, Sanjay spoke about the positive things of Manmohan Singh.

Sanjay Baru has been Manmohan Singh’s Media Adviser till 2004-08. According to Sanjay, “as much as I know about Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Congress, only 50 percent of this has been told in this book.”

Sanjay has come with another book. 1991 HOW P V NARASIMHA RAO MADE HISTORY. This book, which came from ALEPH Publication, is just Rs. 499 and it is also available on Amazon.

If the Congress had walked with Rao’s legacy, then it can prove that it is not a hundred years old party but a party of the future. There are some stories in this book that tell about Narasimha Rao’s ability and prove him superior.

Rao never tried to prove himself the highest and the best. His only goal was the all-round development of India. Speaking about his speech, there was no connection between speed and aggression in the tone of his speech.

His most important feature was that he did not make any announcement of any goal, but his unwavering faith was to achieve it. People would know after getting their advantage on their own.

It is not possible to do the lecture of what he did for India. But those who are thinking of change in the country, Rao’s legacy should also be remembered, which will strengthen both their thinking and development.


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