The video lasts for more than a minute and a half and has more than 350 million views, in addition to being shared another 10 million times.

Can you imagine what may be the most viewed video in the history of Facebook? Every day, thousands of contents become viral, usually with some common lines: jokes, hidden cameras or images of GoPro happen in the networks. But no, none of them has more than 350 million views.

Thus, the video that has been most viewed on Facebook is a tutorial, but not just any: it is a short video of just over a minute and a half in which small tricks are offered to have the house tidy, Especially the drawers and closets in which clothes are stored.

This is a video made by Blossom, a Facebook page that offers little tricks for mothers millennials, which has managed to have the record of visits to the platform. Do you want to end the mess in your house? It seems that many people suffer the same problem.


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