When God gives money, people thank him. But when God gives too much money,people find strange ways to spend money. 

Dubai-based businessman of Indian origin Balwinder Sahni  purchased the registration plate of his Rolls-Royce car in Rs. 60 crore (90 million dollars).  In this price over 15 Rolls Royce cars can be purchased.

During an auction of the ‘D5’ registration plate number, Balwinder bid for the 33 million Dirhams (Rs 60 Crore). He also buy another number plate for 10 million Dirhams or Rs. 18 Crore. Three hundred people took part in the auction. Balwinder is fond of VIP number plate for  his cars. He is ready to buy even more VIP numbers in the future. Currently He owns more than 10 VIP numbers.  Balwinder said “The number nine is lucky for me. “D” in the “D5″ is the fourth letter of the English alphabet and by adding 5 It becomes nine. I was willing to spend any mount for this number”.

last year in Rs 45 crore (25 million Dirhams) He bought ’09’ number plate for his car. Popularly known as Abu Saba in Dubai, Balwinder owns a property management company RSG International. His company, operates in UAE, Kuwait, India and the United States.

He have six Rolls-Royce car and dozen of other luxury cars. 

We congratulate Balwinder, and we respect people like Azim Premji who has been named the most philanthropic Indian for the third consecutive year. 

His contribution for education more than doubled to Rs 27,514 crore in 2015. 


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