the third thumb

Have you ever had trouble lifting something off the floor? And to hold the cards when you’re playing poker? You might never realize that you needed it, but you do. Once you have it surely you will not be able to live without it. But do not worry, it’s just a prototype that is not available in the store in your city … yet.

The third thumb is made with a 3D printer and was designed by student Dani Clode of the Royal College of Arts in London. The way it works sounds a bit complicated, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It is added to the hand on one side, attached to a bracelet where the wires are. When moving the feet the pressure sensors pick up the signal, it is sent by a bluetooth that moves the thumb.

What can we use it ?


It is a little difficult to find usefulness, but if we are skilled enough to use it without problems, we can find a place in our lives. For example, when you have too many cards in your hand, or when you want to play guitar but your fingers do not reach you. The options are many, depending on the person.

It is true that it does not sound like something totally necessary, but Clode’s idea is to expand human possibilities. That is, a prosthesis is not only to replace what was lost, but to add to what we already have. Today is a thumb, but tomorrow could be other tips, right?


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