Diwali is the festival of lights, it is a festival celebrated in Autumn, that signifies victory of good over evil; light over darkness.

Listed below are the things should everyone know about Diwali: 

Things we should know about Diwali

  • It is the day of lights, festivities, and lots of gifting. It is also the day of victory of good over evil as lord Rama in Treta yuga/
  • Diwali is spread over 5 days but in states like Gujrat, it is around 20 days celebration.
  • In the state of Karnataka, Deepawali is celebrated mainly for three days. The first day is Naraka Chaturdashi. The second day is Amavasya. And the third day is Bali Padyami.

The 5 days are:

i) Dhanteras: It is believed that on this day lord Dhanvantri was born. He is the one, behind the natural medicinal ( Ayurveda) history of India. On this day it is auspicious to buy jewelry, utensils etc.

ii) Narakachaturdashi: It is believed that lord Krishna killed Narkasur ( the demon) hence the name of the day. On this day one should get the massage with aromatic oil and bathe in the holy Ganges water.

iii) Deepawali: the Sanskrit word means the row of deeps( earthen lamps). The day is celebrated with cleaning, making rangoli, wearing new clothes after the bath, Laxmi puja.

iv) Chaudas: It is said that this day should be celebrated as wedding anniversary by the married couple by gifting each other something. Also, it is said that the brothers meet their sisters( their wedded house) for the next day.

v) Bhaidooj: On this day sisters tie thread and do tilak( similar to rakshabandhan). It is believed that Yama (lord of death) went to meet his sister Yamuna on this day.

  • Gambling is considered auspicious as on the day of Diwali lord Shiva and Parvati played chausar or gambled. Ma Parvati announced the day lucky for those who gamble in the correct spirit.
  • The next day after Diwali is celebrated as new year day by business communities. In ancient times next day of Diwali marked as the start of the new financial year.
  • Though it is celebrated in India but for past few years, we our biggest producer for cracker had been China. This year Indians vowed to stop the use of made in China crackers so I am hoping the increase in the sale of indigenous crackers.


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