Unfortunately, the “queen of motorcycles”, the famous Russian model of Instagram Olga Pronina, was lost. Her passion finally cost him her life and his more than 170 thousand followers are in mourning.

Olga frequently posted videos of her motorcycle stunts. But her growing career on Instagram ended with a fatal accident in Vladivostok, Primorsky when she crashed into a fence on the road.

The two-wheeled lover of speed was 40 years old and recorded sensual videos that quickly multiplied her followers on her motorcycle BMW S1000RR. Although her Instagram accounts have been closed, we can still remember some of her videos.

It is not yet unknown if in the accident she was recording one of her videos, where she exposed her taste for adrenaline and her skill and beauty. Her last video on the Instagram account was six days ago, with her same dangerous style.

According to the English newspaper The Mirror, she said  about her passion for her bike:

I love her because she does not mind me doing nonsense, to save my ass, to never fail me, to improve my lonely nights, to help me forget the problems in my life, to train my body and my mind.

I thank you for lighting my eyes, for the warm wind on my cheeks when the viewfinder is open, for the incredible emotion and the feeling of floating in the wind, by the doses of adrenaline.

For giving me freedom … and I know I’m not alone. There are thousands out there, who like me are madly in love with their steel horses.

In his latest video, the condolences of her fans flooded the comments. Olga had a 16-year-old daughter.


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