Baba Harbhajan Singh as the name proposes is really not a holy person or a sacred figure but rather he was a trooper of the 23rd Punjab Regiment. He was posted in Sikkim at the Nathula Post.

One of the numerous legends has it that he suffocated in an icy mass while attempting to traverse donkey backs. After an exceptional inquiry his remaining parts were found and he was cremated with full military respects. It is said that his soul guided the hunt gathering to where he had suffocated and that is the way his body was recuperated. A temple is built in his memory. It is trusted that after his demise, he showed up in the dream of one of his associates where he was approached to build a temple for him.

Legend has it that he would give a notice ahead of time somehow if the foe chooses to assault an Indian post in the locale. Amid banner gatherings amongst Chinese and Indian armed force authorities a vacant seat is perfectly put for Baba Harbhajan Singh. There is likewise a committed space for hin which is never involved yet the informal lodging room is done up for him regular. Individuals have really seen that in the mornings the room seems udes and they needed to make it up once more.

Baba Harbhajan Singh still keeps on securing his nation even after his demise and has brought about no mischief to anybody.

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