The Indian carwash who became RICH over night.
The Indian carwash who became RICH over night.

Life is quiet unpredictable, I realized that soon after i met this Indian while i was getting my car washed.
Raju , the guy who washed my car has always been a great person to talk to. He has a small car wash station near Gyanshree School, Noida that is sector 127 . He always entertained me with new gossips whenever i went for a carwash. One day when i went to Raju he seem a little off, what might the reason be ? …… If an Indian seems a little off there is a good chance that it is not his own problem but some other guys happiness, So looking all messed up he was washing my car. It was hard for me to digest that he is soo quiet, so i asked “Raju bhai kya baat hai, itne shant kyu ho aaj ?”, with a frowny little face he told me that there was a guy who used to help him out at his work, He had a little parental property in Greater Noida which was taken by the government. He was expecting some settlement money from the government for quite a long time. So i asked that what was the problem in that, so he showed me three cars which were in the queue for the wash, which were an Audi Q7, a Toyota Fortuner and a Tata Safari all three of them white and had almost the same registration no. He said that these belonged to the same guy. That guy got a settlement money around 18 crore rupees.
Quite a weird thingfor Raju to digest I suppose !

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