The Russian sleep experiment is the horrific tale of 5 people who were kept awake for 15 days and the effects it had on their minds and bodies.

This is just a story and probably there are no evidences to prove that this actually happened but the things that were going on during that period there are
possibilities that something like this would have been conducted.

In 1940s scientists in Russia decided to conduct experiments to test the effect of extreme sleep deprivation.


They selected 5 political prisoners deemed as enemies of the state and promise them freedom if they could stay awake for 30 days.
They were enslaved into a small chamber and exposed to experimental gas stimulant to keep them awake.
The prisoners were monitored through port holes and microphones and were provided with
enough food to last for 30 days along with books,toilet,running water and beds.
For the first five days very little happened apart from the discussions between the prisoners were getting more emotional.
On day 6 their behavior took a turn for worse. They were being paranoid stopped communicating and started blaming each other for being trapped in the chamber.
Strange inaudible whispers could be heard from the microphones.
After 9 days one of the man started screaming. He ran up and down the small chamber screaming and crying soo much that he lost his voice. It was later discovered that he had completely torn his vocal cords.
Tow of the men were quiet and were tearing pages from the books defecating on them and sticking them on the walls of the chamber.
By day fourteen the scientists were unable to look in for the subjects.
On day fifteen the screaming had stopped and the room was silent the scientists were afraid that the men had fallen unconscious.
They decided to open the chamber but before opening it they sent a message to the men ‘we are opening the chamber to test the microphones,step away from the door
and lie flat on the floor or you’ll be shot’.


The chamber remained silent until a quivering voice said ‘we no longer want to be free’.
The scientists entered the cell and were greeted by a vision of unimaginable horror. The food provided was not eaten.
Men had blood dripping off their mouths.
Chunks of flesh was ripped from their bodies and had exposed bones on their fingertips.
The wounds had been self inflicted not by teeth but by the subjects bare hands.
They’d been eating themselves.
The subjects were still silent and when the scientists turned off the gas they attacked them and the guards.
One of the security guards who tried to stop them had his testicles riped out with bare hands.
Along with this 5 guards were also killed.
Efforts were being made to sedate the men however they failed to calm the subject.
Two of the men died due to severe wounds.
The remaining three men were tied up and were refusing anesthetics.
One of them died due to blood loss and it was discovered that he has 9 broken bones in his body.


The second subject mutted over and over again that he must stay awake.
The scientists decided to return the two remaining subjects back to the chamber exposing them once again to the gas.
However only one made it back to the chamber the other fell asleep and passed away.
The remaining subject became impatient and grabbed gun form the guard shooting 2 scientists
in the head.
Before more damage could be done one scientist took the gun and pointed at the subject.
The scientist stepped backwards before shooting the subject.
And as he lied dying on the floor he muttered his last word ‘so nearly free’.

Article by Kanishka Bhardwaj


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