If you did not manage to move to Iceland to marry a woman from that northern country and keep you, do not worry, new rumors began to come out in networks: Greenland offers you to move to the island and will give you the possibility of marrying two Of their women … And also, to retire for life with the intention of repopulating the territory.

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Greenland is an autonomous island belonging to the kingdom of Denmark and has been inhabited for centuries intermittently. 77 percent of its surface is covered with ice, so it will be necessary to stay close to your partner to conserve heat.

The rumor that floats in the news is that the government is calling on all men of different nationalities to visit the island because there are supposedly much more women than men and the male gender is required to perform jobs that imply the strength of a man.

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The good news, according to this, is that the government offers visitors, two beautiful women and also, maintenance for life. All by simply going to work there and helping the growth of the Nordic nation.

Denmark is a very prosperous country thanks to its natural resources, so it is believed that there are sufficient resources to invest in the repopulation of its icy lands. Therefore, it seems they do not see anything bad in making this splendid offer to those who decide to live there.


The saddest thing of all is that apparently is not real and is just another rumor. But it is a growing possibility, especially if we take into account that there are places with little population and that Europeans generally have fewer children.


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