Development in India has been slow but more sustainable. The Indian value system encourages us to be in sync with our nature. Even today you can find majority of farmers in India who have a negative carbon footprint.

Here are the facts which prove that  India is far superior to the world powers :

* India is leagues ahead in using space based Remote Sensing for daily life applications.
* India, for centuries has used cattle waste for fertilizer and fuel.
* Indians are exceptional at is doing it cheap. Any damn thing. We can do it cheaper. We can make transport vehicles out of water pumps and wood chassis. As a corollary people have used vehicle engines to drive water pumps also.
* India was a founding member of United Nations even before it got Independence. India contributed significantly in the initial drafting and revisions of the UN Constitution.
* The nuclear program of India is the most intelligently planned one.
* Thorium fueled plants are the safest with no harmful products produced by the reaction(Not as harmful as the Uranium plants)
* From the very childhood, we have to learn more than 1 language. This gives an edge in cross culture communications and international business.
* Yoga: the great spiritual science of Awakening. It started in India and is spreading in the world by great Indian masters and their disciples.
* Oldest literature: We have one of the oldest literary works on spirituality, mathematics, astrology, mythology and so on. These inspired Europeans, Greeks and Arabs from time immemorial.
* Ayurveda: The ancient system of Indian medicine based on three elements (nature of patient) “Vaat”, “Pitta” and “Kaf”. It is one of the most scientific medical system where medical prescription is not based on only disease but it also includes the nature of the person affected.


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