Taking Ahmed Patel's personal skills lightly, proved to be huge for the BJP

Ahmedabad: Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, once again, proved his hardest victory in the Rajya Sabha elections, once again proved that he is the master of every situation in the game. Congress President Sonia Gandhi seems relaxed after her victory Because politically, he is the very important person to her.

Sonia Gandhi also thanked the Election Commission for this.Sonia Gandhi has full confidence in Ahmed Patel’s merit and integrity. We can also say that Ahmed is as trustworthy to Sonia, as much Shah is for Modi.

Even though the Modi-Shah era of politics, the image of Ahmed Patel’s party Congress has not been so blurred, but his self-sufficiency and skill persists.  Ahmed Patel does not win such a difficult fight for the first time. He had won the Lok Sabha election from Bharuch in 1977, at the age of 26, when the nation was raging against Indira Gandhi due to the Emergency.

After this he won in 1980 and 1984. In the subsequent days, Since then, he was elected to the Parliament from the Rajya Sabha and after tomorrow’s victory, it will be his fifth innings in the Upper House.

Ahmed Patel was fighting the most difficult battle this time in the Rajya Sabha elections. To stop his victory chariot, two legends like Amit Shah and Shankar Singh Vaghela were directly on the fronts. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had openly announced that Ahmed Bhai is not going to win in any situation. After voting yesterday, some similar words were from Vaghela.

Even though Congress party is in trouble today, taking Ahmed Patel’s personal skills lightly, proved to be huge for the BJP.


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