English newspaper The Hindu has revealed that to teach a lesson to Pakistani Army in July 2011, Indian Army crossed the LOC in ginger and carried out “Operation Ginger”.

It was carried out to give a befitting reply to the action of Pak Army in which 6 Indian Army Soldiers were Marteryed. In response as tit for tat, The Indian Army had entered into PoK and 8 Pakistani soldiers were killed. The three were beheaded.

The Hindu newspaper claimed to have strong evidence of this Surgical Strike. The newspaper’s claim raises curiosity among public how present surgical strikes differs from 2011 surgical strikes (If happened).

Operation Ginger Indian Army

Difference in the Present Surgical Strike and 2011 Surgical Strike

Punitive action team previously executed such cross-border operation. But if something wrong government did not take any responsibility. Outraged by the killing of their fellow soldiers, Indian army on their own risk carried out such operations off the records. If anything goes wrong, the Military disciplinary action took place and Sometimes it could have happened that rank was expected to snatch of the officers who carried out the operation.

Surgical Strike has happened first time after the Uri attack. This time, the green flag were directly from PM levels, and he keeps his eyes on this matter himself.

In the case, if the operation was unsuccessful, The government was ready for any situation. Air Force plane were all ready for the help in any emergency condition of Commando entanglement. Not only this, India was fully prepared for the war. Together on these targets, without government approval and Military preparation, operations like this could not be carried out.

What happened in Past ?

  • Surgical strikes were carried out without Government approval .
  • Preparation and Level were low.
  • The only military was responsible If anything goes wrong.
  • Army carried out operations at their own risk .
  • Everything happened off the records
  • Sometimes action was taken on Army Officers.

What Happens Now?

  • Govt. approval on PM Level.
  • Operations carried out with full preparation and on the high level.
  • Govt. ready to accept its responsibilty, in case if anything goes unsuccessful.
  • PM keeps his eye on the whole operation.
  • Strikes were On the Record, Army has done PC and informed public.
  • Government stands with the Army.


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