Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramaniam Swamy has expressed doubts over Rajinikanth’s intentions to join politics because the politics of Tamil Nadu has been destroyed due to the involvement of actors in politics.

Swamy said that Tamil Nadu politics has been wasted due to film actors. Even their speeches are written by somebody else. He said, ‘They are very susceptible to black money because their own accounts are to foreign banks. Because of this, Tamil Nadu has become one of the corrupt states.’

Describing Rajinikanth’s entry into politics as a “wrong step”, Subramaniam Swamy said that he is not eligible to become a politician.

This comment of Subramaniam Swamy came after Rajinikanth’s indications came in politics. Rajinikanth had said that he was discussing with political leaders. As soon as things get settled, he will announce it.


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