There are many customs in this world, which are surprising. There are different laws in all countries of the world regarding sex. Western countries are considered to be quite generous for sex rules, but there are rules on sex, which are surprisingly well.

Sex Couple

One such rule is found in Guam of America. The work of men in Guam is that they roam all over the country and dissolve virginity of virgin women. Interestingly, these young women also give money to them for the first sex experience of life.

There is a strange law about sex in Bolivia that a man here can have sex with a woman and her daughter together.

There are different laws in the US about sex and drugs in different states. Sex is a legal crime in a state of Washington with a virgin girl.

In Colombia, women can only have sex with their husbands, but as proof, they have to keep their mother together while having sex with her husband.

Men in Lebanon can legally have sex with animals, but the condition is that the animal must be female.


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