Bihar Education Department's unique decision Guruji will do 'lota' guarding morning and eveningThe Bihar government has now issued a new order to the teachers, according to him, the teachers will now monitor the open defecators and will take a selfie with them. This decision of the government has been opposed by teachers’ associations. The Secondary Teachers Association so far has said that it is an insult to teachers’ positions and dignity. They will not do this task.

According to the government order, High school teachers of Bihar will now keep an eye on those doing open defecation. At the same time, they will also spread awareness against open defecation and explain the importance of cleanliness. Teachers will have to do this work morning and evening and also monitor it.

Against the dignity of teachers’, teachers have been asked to hold a review meeting for it every week. But the teachers protested against it saying that we already have a lot of work, we already do much non-academic work, in which preparation of voter list, census etc. is already included. The General Secretary of the Secondary Teachers Association opposed the government’s decision, saying that it is an insult to the posts and dignity of teachers.


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