Definitely, the news of the moment around the world is the triumph of Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

And although His all statements was the news that woke most individuals, there was a family to some point visionary who anticipated a few years ago would this story: The Simpsons. Since then, it is no strange power of this animated series to predict the future.

In March 2000, in the chapter entitled Bart future , the series aired a parody on how to be a US political contest in which Trump won the elections. Today this parody becomes reality and the world ‘s most famous yellow family returned to take over all the looks.

Simpson predict the trump presidency

In an, episode you can see that Lisa is president of the United States and receives a country is bankrupt because of its predecessor, a guy named Trump, left it in ruins. 16 years have passed since that visionary chapter, and the writer of the series, Dan Graney, said it was a warning to the United States, while its creator Matt Groening, said that actually predicted that Trump would be president in 2000 and that at that time there seemed nothing but a bad joke to the world.

“It seemed like the logical last stop before bottoming. It was released because it was consistent with the vision of an America on the brink of madness. “

These images were no longer a fiction more

simpsons-trump simpsons-trump1

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