Ashish Bisht on Casting Couch in bollywoodNot only women, but male artists also have to face casting couch to appear on screen in the film world. Artist Ashish Bisht, who has stepped into the film world from ‘Shab’ movie, has revealed that filmmakers ask such newcomers as “Are you comfortable with them on the bed?” Ashish’s film ‘Shab’ is being released in theaters on July 14.Artists like Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Suri and Arpita Chatterjee in ‘Shab’ directed by Onir. Sharing the experience related to the film, Ashish said that casting couch is still in trend in the film world. Newcomers who have stepped into Bollywood have to face the problem almost with this problem.

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“I have faced a lot of casting in this world.” Whenever I was called by some good producers I was asked directly, ‘Are you comfortable on bed?’

Ashish says, “When I was new in this city and I wanted work, women used to ask me to sleep with them for that. They called me to their house and used to try to talk to me about obscene.”

29-year-old Ashish said, “There are some producers in the film industry who constantly trouble you by sending a message. I found myself in a dilemma that if I give the answer to their message, and if no answer is given then They see me as if I have read their message. Even if I tried to change the subject, they would roam back to the same question. ”

He says that if you come from outside in the film world. That is, if you are not the son-daughter or any relative of any film star, then you will have to face the situation again and again.

Ashish, who started his career as a model before playing a role in ‘Shab’, says that at first he had such an experience with a designer. Ashish said, “He was a well-known designer of the world of modeling, he called me for a project, when I reached the place, there was nobody in the room, he asked me whether I was with anyone When I asked him about it, he said, “If you sleep with me, then you will work in this project.”

Overall, Bollywood does not treat well with new talented people.


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